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About Us

Here at PDQ Media 360 we work hard to understand your business and its requirements. We have over 35 years' combined experience in the print and digital world. We can help you to improve not only your workflows and processes, but also to get your content more discoverable and ready for a wide range of revenue-driving applications.

Why Choose PDQ Media 360?

Quality & Craftsmanship

Here at PDQ Media 360, we really do care about quality. Not just quality of service, but the quality of the finished product. We have strict quality control policies in place at every level of every project, regardless of size or value.


We won’t just tell you what needs to be done, we listen and respond to your feedback at every stage. We realise that the needs of each client will be different, which means our service will be tailored for you and just you.


We keep a very keen eye on costs, because we know that you do too. We provide competitive pricing for any project, by-the-hour, or all-inclusive, that way you know exactly how much, before we begin your project.

Project Management

Managing a project successfully is often the most important aspect of our service. We provide exceptionally well honed project management skills that cover initial concepts and ideas to the finished and highly polished product.

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