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Community and Membership

It's all about community right now. You need to build it, engage with it and work within it. So whether your community is based around interest, content or knowledge, or if it's made up of customers, authors, readers or staff, the PDQ Media 360 Community toolkit will help you discover, explore and connect with the people who matter most to your business.
Key Features:
  • Profile based, with quick and easy sign up.
  • Users can add photographs, videos, audio files, articles and blogs.
  • Seamless sharing with other social media sites.
  • Built in tools for incentivising users to build out their profiles and interact.
  • Access controls determine the level of communication and information available.
  • Diary feature enables event creation, advertising and booking.
  • eCommerce tools through SagePay or PayPal.
  • Can be used for either an open or subscription-based business model.
  • Ability to create groups of users with common interests.
  • Collaborative working through group functionality, ideal for academic communities.
  • Document upload, commenting and messaging features enable dialogue around content.
  • Password controls restrict which users can see and edit what content.
  • Capable of having public site and private community in one.
  • Full analytics enable you to see viewing stats, including to track advert performance.