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Everyone's doing it. Whether it's your front list or your back list, you need your content to be available digitally for use on a variety of platforms. Using PDQ Media 360 technology your content can instantly be converted into a an ePub file for sale through your eCommerce site, or produced as a file for the Kindle, iPad, Kobo or any other reading device. We will help you develop a digital strategy, as well as convert the actual content for you, then get you working in a way that allows digital to come first. Don't double-touch - get in touch with us.
Key Features:
  • Conversion of existing files to any eReader.
  • Flexible range of conversion methods and services of varying complexity.
  • Strict quality control procedures ensure that final output matches quality of original.
  • Using the PDQ Media 360 Content Management solution provides you with instant ePub files.