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Prepress and Reprographics

Our dedicated prepress staff have, combined, - over 22 years of prepress knowledge and tricks-of-the-trade experience. From advanced digital scanning to press-ready PDF output.
Key Features:
  • With attention to detail and quality of finish as our mantra, you can be sure we’ll exceed your expectations and meet your objectives on time and on budget.
  • Artwork and layout: We make sure all artwork and type is set perfectly for print. Whether it’s a simple business card or a multi-page brochure.
  • Typesetting - The competition just can’t beat us on price, quality or measurable results.
  • PDF Output - We use industry standard checking software, our PDF files are press-ready every time.
  • Advanced Photoshop - We have the skills, experience and tools to guarantee perfect colour accuracy on all projects.
  • Large Format Printing - We print up to 42 inches (106.68 CM) on a wide range of media.