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Title Management

Your products are your business, and your products' metadata is core to their discoverability. With the PDQ Media 360 Title Management solution you can store and manage all of your metadata and send it out to the industry via ONIX feeds. Our Title Management solution will also enable you to benefit from XML workflows, maximise productivity and streamline vital processes.
Key Features:
  • Image upload and storage (product shots, sales materials, covers etc).
  • Automatic downsizing for required format (300dpi for print to 72dpi catalogue thumbnail).
  • Metadata storage and simple interface for ease of management.
  • Marketing and sales copy management (for catalogues, websites, Amazon etc).
  • AI and sales sheet generation.
  • Catalogue creation for print and ePub.
  • Interface with other systems (such as sales databases, warehousing etc).
  • Scheduling tools for product launch, stock dates etc.
  • Password-controlled access means that the site can be both public-facing and internal.
  • Tailored to your requirements, rather than an off-the-shelf product that you have to adapt to.
To maximise the potential of the PDQ Media 360 Title Management solution, the product can easily be combined with the content management system, enabling you to keep your content and your metadata in one place. Get in touch to book a demonstration, or to talk to us about the other customisation possibilities, including rights and royalties management, author databases and marketing campaign managers.